Want to Consign?

Consigning with Sorting with Samantha

Congratulations on taking the first step to declutter your home in a wonderfully sustainable way! We love being part of a circular community that encourages reuse of unwanted items.

If you would like to donate your items to a local charity please read this (Charity)

Appointments are required for dropping off consignment items. Consignors may drop off up to 4 boxes/bags with each appointment. A max of 2 appointments can be made per month. Some clients book recurring biweekly drop-off appointments which is very welcomed. 

To begin consigning please read the terms below. Then send us a message via the contact tab.

  • Whats accepted. Sorting with Samantha (SWS) sells across multiple online platforms along with many community connections. We accept most clothing and household goods that will fit within a regular sized storage tote or bag. Larger items will need to be pre-approved before drop-off appointment.
  • We do not sell infant or childrens clothing up to size 10/12. 
  • We do not sell large furniture or equipment. 
  • Right to sell. The client owns all items they deliver or surrender to SWS. In accordance with this agreement, the client grants SWS exclusive right to sell the consignment items under the terms of this agreement. The client agrees to deliver the consignment items to SWS, on consignment. Any items not deemed sellable by our standards will be discarded or donated. All prices and terms of sale shall be determined by SWS. SWS agrees to devote its best efforts to the sale of consignment items for the client.
  • Proceeds of Sale. SWS will pay the client a 50 percent portion of the profits for their items. A sales credit will accumulate until a request is received for an account settlement or used to purchase items from SWS. 
  • Consignors can view their account credits at any time by using this link: https://www.swsportal.consigncloud.com
  • All consignors receieve a 10% discount when using credits to purchase items from Sorting with Samantha.
  • Settlements are sent upon request and are delivered via email. The email will hold a secure link to choose your payout method including a printable check or bank transfer.
  • Title to Merchandise. Consigned merchandise shall remain the property of the client until sold.
  • Loss and Insurance. SWS shall be responsible for all shortages, loss, or damage, while the merchandise is under their control. SWS shall maintain insurance in adequate amounts to pay for the replacement of the merchandise in the event of a shortage, loss or damage.
  • If SWS fails to abide by the obligations of this agreement, including the obligation to remit the consignment payment to the client when due, the client shall have the option to cancel this agreement at any time.
  • Neither party make any warranties with respect to use, sale or other transfer of the consignment items by the party or by any third party.
  • Item Expiration. Items will be added to inventory about 4-6 weeks after drop-off. Items expire 180 days from the time they are added to the SWS inventory. Once expired, items are auctioned or donated as seen fit by SWS. The client is responsible notifying SWS of any items they don’t wish to be donated before the item expiration date.